The club participates in competitive meets, for those swimmers who wish to take part. If a swimmer isn’t sure if they are ready to start swimming at meets, please speak to their coach. There is no pressure to compete, and the club has a number of swimmers who train for enjoyment and fitness, rather than competition.

There are two places to look for meet information – on the club notice board during the Friday night club swimming sessions, or in the meet folder which is usually available during the week at some of the other club sessions.

There is a process for entering a meet, as follows:

  • For each swim meet the information is contained in a plastic sleeve, and there will be an eligibility report at the back of this to show which swimmers may enter.
  • If a swimmer is eligible, their name will be on this report with a time for each event, or a blank line if they don’t have a time.
  • Please note if a swimmer wants to enter in a event they have no time for, please speak to the coach. The club holds regular time trials throughout the swimming year, which is a good chance to get up-to-date times for certain events. If there isn’t time for this due to meet entry deadlines, the coaches may arrange an individual time trial for that swimmer.
  • On the eligibility report, circle the events the swimmer wishes to enter, and initial the right hand side as confirmation.
  • If a swimmer doesn’t want to enter an event, please draw a line through it to cross it out, and initial as confirmation.

It’s important to check the swim meet information regularly, (whether on the club notice board or in the meet folder), to ensure a swimmer is entered in the meets they want to compete in. It’s up to the swimmers and/or their parents to keep track of this, although the coaches are happy to advise on a swimmer’s suitability for a particular meet.

There are many swim meets in our area during the year, and the club decides which meets we will enter. It’s not possible to enter everything, and sometimes swimmers will be given the choice of entering one of two meets. When this happens, it will be clearly outlined on the meet information sheets that it is either one or the other, and not both meets a swimmer can enter.

For a list of all North District meets, please visit the SASA North Website. (

If you have any questions about meets, feel free to ask one of the committee members, who will be happy to help.