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Club & Training Kit

Standard club attire for competitive swimmers consists of an Ythan cap and t-shirt and/or hoodie. Caps can be bought from the desk on a Friday evening, while t-shirts and hoodies, plus other items such as kit bags and onesies can be ordered using the following link:  Ythan ASC (

Training Kit

A full poolside training kit would consist of a kick board, fins, hand paddles, snorkel and pull buoy in a mesh bag, plus a water bottle.


Full kit would be recommended for Squad 3 and upper Squad 2 competitive swimmers.

Non-competitive swimmers in Squad 2 and swimmers in Squad 1 would not be expected to carry full kit, however a mesh bag, kick board and pull buoy would be the minimum kit generally needed.


For those just starting, kick boards and pull buoys are available for use at the pool.


All training accessories listed above are available through our club affiliate site with Proswimwear, however there is no obligation to purchase from here.
Ythan Amateur Swimming Club | Swim Clubs | Proswimwear


Fins (flippers) are available through the club. Swimmers can 'rent' fins for a £10 deposit, and can swap to larger sizes throughout their time with the club, with the deposit refunded should the swimmer return the fins and leave the club.

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