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Fees, Income & Expenditure

Membership Fees

The club membership fees are £30.00 per year payable in August.  Our constitution states that there are three types of member: Child member, adult member and life member.   In each of these member types, members may also be swimmers or masters swimmers. The membership fee is the same for all except life members.

We also have a membership for non-swimmers such as parent coaches and technical officials, which covers registration with Scottish Swimming. As at 2023, this stands at £10.00 per annum, but may be subject to change.

Because our club is affiliated to Scottish Swimming, our members must also be members of Scottish Swimming.  The annual fee for this is collected from members at the start of each calendar year and is paid to Scottish Swimming in March.  The amount of the fee varies with member type.

Training Fees

Training fees are charged at £3.00 per hour. As a minimum, all swimming members pay for Friday 'Club Night' sessions, regardless of whether or not they attend.

Collection of Fees

Fees for Friday evening and any additional training sessions are collected at the start of each school term in advance, with details of the sessions they have agreed to attend and the total fee payable. 

Fees are generally paid by bank transfer, although we can accept cash and personal cheques. 

Other Income

While training fees are the main source of income, additional fundraising initiatives are vital to the upkeep of the club. The main fundraiser is our annual graded meet, held every May, where the club generously receives donations from local companies and organisations, as well as entry fees from competing teams, stalls and a raffle. There is also the occasional 'cake bake', 'rag bag' collection and supermarket 'bag pack' which we would encourage all swimmers and parents to become involved with.  We also receive a very small income from “”. For many years, Ythan ASC helped organise the Ythan Challenge; a multi-terrain race held in Ellon each year; for which a donation was received.

Our Expenditure

Ythan ASC is a non-profit making organisation. Whilst a working balance is held in our bank account, all monies received are used to pay for pool hire, meet entries, to buy equipment for swimmers, provide coach education and cover general operating costs such as stationery etc.

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