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Maggie's Lockdown Thoughts

Well here we are almost at the end of July ... and still no sign of a return to the pool. Lockdown for me has been busy - frustrating, rewarding, challenging, sometimes tearful, but it has made me aware of how fortunate I am.

Way back in March ...... remember that time when we first locked down ... I never thought for one moment it would go on for months.

During the lockdown I have been helping in the hub with front line workers children and vulnerable groups. Never once during that time have I felt under any threat of getting the virus. We have followed all the guidelines, kept our distance as much as possible and made sure everything was clean and safe. Above all we have reassured all the children if they too follow the rules, they will be fine.

Then there was online learning Definitely a new experience for me! I am no computer expert, so teaching online was a steep learning curve. It was challenging to stay motivated as I’m sure many of you found out. To stay on task, to work from home, share laptops and electronic devices, to complete set pieces of work wasn’t easy .... sometimes almost impossible and for some of you knowing there were no exams, no final target after all your hard work was frustrating.

This pandemic is no fun and it is not going away so we need to learn to live with it and get on with our lives.

I have missed you all. The fun, the friendship, celebrating PBs, seeing you make target times, watching you all put such a lot of hard work into training and getting the results you so deserved. For those that made SNAGS times it was all taken away from you overnight and left everyone, coaches, swimmers and parents feeling very low.

Ythan had a brilliant squad qualifying for the event and I can assure you we will have again in the future.

Ythan ASC have not put out a questionnaire about returning to swimming. We prefer not to look at the negative side. I am an optimist and like to be positive and genuinely think that most of you will be back. When and how? We are still unsure, but be reassured as soon as we get the green light from the government , Scottish Swimming and the pool , we will have a plan and structure organised and in place ready to get you back in the water.

Barry and John have done an amazing job keeping the club going. You have all been very lucky to have such a pro active club. Quizzes, bingo, guess the baby, joke nights, general chats, zoom fitness and challenges. I have taken up the challenge big time and hope you are all giving it your best shot and keeping fit. If you do, when we get back in the pool it won’t take you nearly so long to slot back into the programme.

I listened to Tom Daley being interviewed on television the other morning. Needless to say, he was disappointed that the Olympics should have happened this week but he wasn’t at all resentful. He has rested his body and mind in lock down ... not hitting the water at 35 mph every day . He has spent quality time with his family and made time to exercise and workout everyday to keep his core strength and at the peak of his fitness. He has gone back to the pool this week and because he has kept his fitness he is ready to train hard for Tokyo next year and doesn’t rule out Paris 2024. He feels refreshed, fit and ready to take on the challenge.

Don’t get me wrong! No one is going to PB overnight. Your times will have slipped back and you will find it challenging to start but with determination and a positive attitude the coaches will ensure you are brought back to training safely .No one will expect you to do a T 30 or a hard anaerobic set the first week back !

I’d like to think you will give it a go. The Ythan team need you 🥇🥈🥉... and I think a lot of you benefit from being part of the team . Some of you may come back, and find it’s not the same, you don’t get the same buzz, and want to move on to other things.

Speak to us. We are there to listen, help, support and get our team back.

Firstly, you need to get back to school routine, whatever that entails, and be with your friends and teachers working out your next steps in education.

No one really knows what the programme will look like when we get back to training. Patience for a lot of us is running out and we just want to get back to “normal”, whatever the new normal is.

We are the Ythan team – swimmers, coaches, volunteers, parents. We are a good team and once this is over, we will come out the other side even better.

Keep yourselves fit, healthy and well, be determined, keep up your core training, stay safe and as soon as we are allowed, we will have you back in the water.

Keep smiling, Maggie.


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